(I just don`t understand why someone needs to get over something, if they in the first place didn't want it. Or maybe it is just me - for example, I don't want to study in Norway, so I have no problem not doing it. Or I don't want to eat a cow's eye, and I don't have any issue not doing it. Or when I have been vegetarian for six years and I decided to have a break for a month because I was travelling to South America - no doubt, no second thoughts - because I didn't want to be vegetarian when I am here - it is a part of the culture. Buuut. That is obviously just me. If you had forced me to become meat eater - well, then it is another case, but that is not what you are going through. You did not want this, so I don't understand why you need time to get over it.

Oh, and being meat eater now, was a smart choice - I've been able to enjoy so much of the culture (!) only by eating meat. But back in US I wil return to my rabbit-habits. No McDonald's culture here thank you very much.)

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