Here I am less than 48 hours after I left Roskilde - one of the best experiences in my life. No kidding.

Roskilde is like a rehab for your mind and quite the opposite for your body: you forget how it feels to be sober; how a bed feels like; you either boil in the mornings in your tent or freeze to a popsicle in the night; you party 24/7 (literally); hygiene and nutrition are both decreasing with the number of days you spend there; you feel disgusting and unattractive with greasy hair and peeling skin; you walk so much your feet hurts; you are so tired you fall asleep during Kings of Leon (I did, true story); your back is painful after all the carrying of beer and camp equipment; you forget small details like "who the f'ck is Malthe?" (only thing I remember is that he wrote his name with h, something very fascinating at the time..); and big details like "what the hell happened yesterday" (yes, yesterday, not last night) and then you get this akward feeling when you start remembering small pieces here and there. It is sick; but hey:

You will never have experienced nothing like it; you would never have had such a bonding and hardcore time with your friends (and strangers) in terms of a party; all in all there are just so many awesome things I could mention about Roskilde, which would by far outreach the bad ones but I would rather not - you HAVE to experience it to understand. I'm definitely coming back. Thanks everyone who made my experience what it is for me; I miss you already.

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