Mii. Today have been spent tidying up, cleaning, washing and packing. My room (or should I say floor) now looks like a cell for crazy people - all nice, shiny and clinical. Ah, I wish. Why is it that when I tidy up my room automatically turns out much messier? Still have some way to go before I know where to put all the stuff I'm not bringing to the US. Trash VS soon-to-be-forgotten-boxes. Anyways, tomorrow I will do the last of the preparations for the festival - buying rubber boots, silly stuff etc, and silently praying for an email from the US embassy. In two weeks I'm off to Latin America (... and I better have my F-visa in hand till then...)!

PS: I cleaned my computer out for pictures today, and took everything over to my hardrive so from now on till, well, another couple days, all you will see is old ones (like this one^). But it'll do I guess.

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