So my plans for the next weeks is:
now - 26th of June: do my VISA stuff, interview, pack, visit friends & family, enjoy Oslo.
26th of June - 3rd of July: ROSKILDE '11 (DK) with Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Fleeting Foxes, and the one band I would sacrifice for any other: Calle 13.
4th - 5th of July: going back to Norway with Mariana, entertain her, go pack to get my stuff...
6th of July: ... travel to London, starting my two days trip to Montevideo (UR).
8th - 18th of July: Uruguay with Mariana and Claudia.
18th - 20th of July: Argentina with Claudia.
20th - 25ish of July: Asuncion with Alvaro (and Claudia?) + tattoo.
25ish of July - startish of August: short trip to Santa Cruz and La Paz with Claudia.
startish of August - 14th of August: Either Venezuela with Samuel or Chile with Renata.
14th of August: Miami then Sarasota.
15th of August: My experience at Ringling starts!

Of course I don't really have to say that all these places I will be partying big time, enjoying the company of friends, taking pictures and NOT blogging. I will probably not be anywhere a computer. So from next week this blog will be somewhat going into coma for a month or more - but I will try my best to update you with text, and if I'm lucky some pictures. If not they will all come when I have had time to settle down at Ringling.

(By the way: thanks for not giving a f**k; makes this so much easier!)

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